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No. of RoomsUnit TypeSize (sqft)StackPrice Min.Price Max.
2 Bedroom PrimeB1, B282904$2,650,000$2,890,000
2 Bedroom + 1 ElegantB3, B489305$3,080,000$3,138,000
3 Bedroom PremiumC1, C2, C41,432 - 1,49602, 03$4,880,000$5,630,000
4 Bedroom DeluxeD1, D22,05601Fully SoldFully Sold
4 Bedroom PrestigeD3, D42,36803Fully SoldFully Sold
PenthousePH1, PH24,898 - 5,92001Fully SoldFully Sold

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Last Updated: 28th February 2024

Klimt Cairnhill: Residing in the Heart of Luxury|Luxury Living at Klimt Cairnhill|Klimt Cairnhill: Where Opulence Meets Comfort}

Discover the essence of luxurious living at Klimt Cairnhill|this exceptional residence|the magnificent Klimt Cairnhill}. This freehold residential development is located in Singapore’s prestigious District 9, and it promises to be the ultimate canvas for your opulent lifestyle.

Just like the renowned Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt would have admired, Klimt Cairnhill radiates opulence and elegance. It’s more than a residence; it’s a work of art. In this essay, we will delve into the gilded allure of Klimt Cairnhill, a place where history intersects with modern living, offering a lifestyle that shimmers like gold.

A Legacy in the Heart of Singapore

The illustrious Cairnhill has been synonymous with prestige and elegance for over a century. It has been home to some of Singapore’s most influential and discerning residents. While times may have evolved, the rich history of this precinct remains unshaken. Today, Cairnhill stands as one of the most coveted residential addresses in Singapore. It’s a place valued for its enduring elegance and serenity. Against this backdrop, Klimt Cairnhill soars above, adorning the Orchard skyline with its 36 stories. It offers 138 eternal homes, meticulously designed to cater to today’s elite.

Klimt Cairnhill|This remarkable residential development} is not just a place to live; it’s a bridge that connects the glorious past with the resplendent present. The preserved bungalow, transformed into a lavish clubhouse, takes you on a journey through time. It offers opulent lounges and private dining rooms, creating a unique entertainment experience that melds history with the contemporary era.

Indulging in the Great Outdoors

Klimt Cairnhill understands the value of outdoor living. It provides a retreat for those who cherish the outdoors without stepping outside their doorstep. Residents can revel in outdoor activities, whether it’s playing with kids and animals, having a leisurely picnic with loved ones, or stargazing under a balmy night sky.

The Oasis on Level 5 offers a variety of outdoor facilities, including invigorating pools and playgrounds, serene gardens, and opulent lounges. It’s a place where you can take a dip in tranquility while the world continues to bustle below, creating a continuous vacation atmosphere.

The Pinnacle of Penthouse Living

Klimt Cairnhill takes opulence to new heights with not one but two rare penthouses. These penthouses provide abundant space, ensuring your family has room to thrive and expand.

One of these penthouses is a double-storey residence with a breathtakingly high double-volume living space. The other is an expansive domicile spread over a single floorplate. Each penthouse features six lavishly appointed bedrooms, promising a life where luxury knows no bounds.

Meticulous Focus to Every Detail

In every aspect of Klimt Cairnhill, you’ll find an unwavering commitment to detail. The 4-bedroom Deluxe homes, each equipped with a private lift, deliver generous and voluminous living spaces, ensuring a life of luxury and privacy.

The spacious bedrooms easily fit king-sized beds and come with ensuite bathrooms that offer exclusive privacy, along with captivating views of the world outside. Additionally, the 3-bedroom Premium homes are designed with thoughtfully balanced layouts, ensuring a cozy and inviting interior ambiance that beckons you home.

Klimt Cairnhill is more than a luxury residential development; it’s a testament to Singapore’s rich heritage and a symbol of contemporary luxury. From its preserved historical clubhouse to its verdant outdoor amenities and carefully crafted homes, Klimt Cairnhill embodies the essence of fine living in every sense. Living in this golden neighborhood ensures that your life sparkles with unparalleled luxury and elegance. So, if you’re in search of a place where the heart’s desires meet the city’s beating pulse, Klimt Cairnhill is the ultimate abode that awaits your presence.

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♦️ A 36-storey residential tower, showcasing exquisite 2-bedroom apartments to the 6-bedroom penthouses, all 138 homes are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted!

🔸 The Golden landmark sets to be a Timeless home in the most sought after residential Cairnhill enclave to the wealthy elite.

✨ A Grand Conserved Bungalow, fashioned into a clubhouse with exquisite and private dining rooms. A Heritage Heirloom connecting with Cairnhill's glorious past.

🔸 Reside in this Golden neighbourhood, an exceptional landmark rising through the Orchard skyline

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